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Welcome in the help of Fighting Cards. Above all, this help does not have the role to give to you to explain all the easy ways of the play, but you how to start to play and thus to make you your own experience.
Initially you need an account. This one must be created on Geneworld. Why create an account on another site me will quite simply tell... because Fighting Cards is the card deck of Geneworld, and thus your account Fighting Cards is the same one as your Geneworld account.

Then you will need a minimum of two Geneworld cards. These cards are gained on Geneworld in several ways (of which a nonexhaustive list of the methods is here). If you have evil to gain cards do not hesitate to inform you about the forum of Geneworld in the section dedicated to those, the community will answer you quickly and effectively.

You have an account ? Minimum 2 cards ? Good you are avoided to play Fighting Cards then !!

In Fighting Cards, the players clash in duel with their cards. You can launch challenges, in which case you will have to wait until someone raises it, or taken up the challenge of another player. The only difference is that which launches the challenge decides maximum duration of a round.

One thus will take the example which you raise a challenge. The first thing which will be required of you is to choose your two cards which will take part in this challenge. Each chart has a type (warrior, healer, magician), points of life and points of specialities. Practically all the cards have the same total of points if a card has less of point of life than another, that is that it has more in these characteristics.

Warrior :
A warrior can attack his adversaries, to defend or defend his fellow-member.

Healer :
A healer is not a warrior at the base, therefore even if this one can attack, its value of attack is generally lower, on the other hand that is a specialist in the cures in any kind and thus makes it possible to heal himself or heal its fellow-member.

Magician :
He either is not a warrior and thus these attacks has hands naked will be your last recourse with him. On the other hand its panoply of fates (more powerful the magician is, more it has of fate and the more powerful they are) will put a key of strategy in the part. A fate cannot be launched two rounds of continuation.

Once you will have constituted your duet, the duel starts. A challenge this unrolls in several round of which the maximum duration was fixed by the initiator of the challenge. If you have 3h for carried out the actions of the round and that you exceeded time, you will be failed for the round and each one of your cards will have 300 points of life of withdrawn.

When the two players made their actions, the round is calculated automatically, the results are posted and the following round starts immediately. This please say that if you put rounds of 3h, and that at the end of 1h the two players have to make their actions, the round will have lasted 1h and the following will be launched immediately.

When a player does not have any more cards validates, the challenge is finished and the points its distributed in the following way :

Victory : 200 points
Defeat : 50 points
Draw game : 100 points

To that come to be added no-claims bonus or maluses :

Victory by keeping these two cards valid : +20 points
Defeat while having eliminated an unfavourable card : +20 points
To have been failed at least 1 time in the challenge : -100 points

Of course you cannot lose points, therefore if you lose and that you were failed once, you will be at 0 points and not -50 points.

The challenges make maximum 100 rounds, so at the end of the 100th round the two players have at least 1 valid chart, the challenge finishes on a draw game.

The actions are calculated in a sequence pre-determined by two factors

1) The class of the actions in the following order
OrderClassify cardsAction
1Magicianlaunch Magical drop
2Warriorattacks quickly
2Magicianlaunch Confusion on
2Magicianlaunch Dévotion on
2Magicianlaunch Fireball on
2Magicianlaunch Lunar Wall
2Magicianlaunch Mutation on
2Magicianlaunch Petrifaction on
2Magicianlaunch Plasma Wall
2Healerattack blocks heal
2Healerattacks quickly
4Warriorattack break-guard on
2) Then in each class the date and real hour of play of the players | Fighting cards | Mangavortex | Anoukis Shop | Pavillon Noir
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